Tutorial Half Day Session – Forenoon
Quantum Computing Fundamentals and Applications

Mode: Onsite - Half Day Course for interested audience and computer enthusiasts

Abstract for Tutorial: Quantum Computing uses the principles of quantum physics to perform computations. Quantum Mechanics is one of the most profound theories of modern physics and it explains the working of nature in best possible and experimentally provable ways. Just like we use the deterministic calculations following the rules of classical mechanics (in classical computations), we try to harness laws of quantum mechanics to get most probable or best possible solutions using Quantum Computations. Quantum computing requires basic or intermediate knowledge of multiple disciplines like quantum physics, linear algebra, basic trigonometry, vectors, matrix operations etc. hence it may look difficult to someone at the beginning however enough practice and exposure to fundamentals can be very helpful for smooth transition from world of classical computing to Quantum Computing.

Learning Objective: To build the basic understanding of what Quantum Computing is and develop understanding of the fundamental key concepts used in quantum computations; another goal is to make participants understand the working of basic quantum algorithms. It will make learners aware of the progress made in past few years, and what are the major impacts and applications of the same in Industry. Give everyone a hands-on experience of working on IBM’s real Quantum Computer device through Cloud and finally encourage participants to explore this upcoming technology.

Draft Schedule:

10:00-11:00: Introduction to Quantum Computing

11:00-11:50: Key Concepts like Superposition, Interference and Entanglement

12:00-01:00 : Working of Quantum algorithms and Hands on practice session

Maximum number of attendees participating: No limit.

Hands-on/practice content – It will require laptop/computers with internet connection and some recent version of python installed on participants’ machines. Basic knowledge of Python programming syntax and development environment (Jupyter notebook) will be helpful. I will give demonstration of the power of quantum computation and working of one simple quantum algorithm.

Tutorial Speaker with title and affiliations: I (Jayesh Parashar) have gathered a diversified experience of 24 years in the field of Software development, maintenance, testing, legacy modernization projects and I have extensively worked on development of s/w applications for financial services. I have been studying Quantum Computing over more than a decade and earned several certificates and affiliations on the subject. I am also an IBM certified Qiskit developer and IBM Qiskit (quantum computing SDK) Advocate. I have conducted several trainings and lectures on ‘Programming for Quantum Computers’, and ‘Quantum Cryptography’ for a number of educational institutions, a few of my lectures on Quantum Computing are also available on youtube.

I enjoy working with people and teams who want to innovate, improve/invent process and methods to add value and increase efficiency. I think we can use our creativity with new tools offered by Quantum computing to develop new, efficient and out of box solutions to every problem. In my free time I teach physics and computer science to high school students.

Intended audience and level: This tutorial is intended to math and computer-science graduate and senior undergraduate students and also for faculties who have fair idea of programming, and/or interest in learning new emerging concepts and technology to solve stubborn problems in Finance, Molecular Chemistry, Optimization, Cyber Security, Simulation/Modelling, CFD etc.